"We serve 25,000 chicken dinners in 2Ĺ days. Nelsonís..."   (more)
- Ted Detrick, Vice Chairman, Versailles (Ohio) Poultry Days
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Although the initial first year investment for a Nelson's fanchise may vary considerably from market to market, the numbers tht follow are designed to provide you with an estimated range which the typical franchise would operate within.

Nelsonís Franchisee Estimated First-Year Investment

Initial Franchise Fee [based on exclusive territory population x .03]     $7,000 - 30,000
Start-up Equipment [includes cooker(s), demo equipment, etc.]         $15,000 - 45,000
Marketing/Promotional Materials                                                   $5,000 - 25,000
Start-up Working Capital                                                            $10,000 - 35,000
Start-up Office/Kitchen Supplies                                                  $3,000 - $10,000
Total First-Year Investment (estimated)                                         $40,000 - 145,000


Royalty schedule is as follows: 3% percent of annual gross sales up to the first $1.0 million in sales and 2% of annual gross sales of all sales that exceed $1.0 million annually

There will be no royalty fees charged during first 12 months of operation.

* Investment estimate excludes land or building expenses.