"We made a lot of money on the fundraiser. The food..."   (more)
- Donita Moody, Jayco Professional Women’s Organization
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Raising additional money for your company from within your company makes sense when you stop to think about itWhat better way to boost employee morale, trust, and camaraderie than to rally the troops to support a greater cause...even if that cause happens to be the employees' own activity fund?!

If your company is active (or wants to be) in collectively raising money to present to a favorite charity, community benevolence committee, or even its own employee fund, Nelson's can help.  With a proven track record that dates back to 1967, we pride ourselves in offering you fundraising soloutions that will not only help you reach your fundraising goals but also will enable you to enjoy the fundraising process.  Imagine providing your employees a product they will value while simultaneously raising money for a good cause that everyone will be proud to have supported—that's what Nelson's can help you do.

Simple Solution. Significant Results.
1. Nelson's provides you with materials and unique methods so you can promote the event in-house.
2. Five days prior to the event, tickets, emails, or other confirmation methods are tallied to estimate the number of meals needed.
3. On the day of the event, Nelson's brings a state-of-the-art Port-A-Pit® Diptisserie cooker to cook right on site.
4. At the end of the work day, your employees simply pick up their neatly-packaged meals to take home and enjoy.
5. You collect the money.

You can take pride in knowing that you are not only offering your employees a product of value but also supporting a charity or cause of your choice. It's easy  and it works.

Contact us to schedule a free demonstration meeting to sample some of our delicious products and to see our superb services first-hand.